Cedar Rose Vineyards

431 Kenyon Ave | Millville, NJ

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Attention to detail is a priority, and the cornerstone of our management program.

The ultimate goal is to harvest our fruit at the zenith of quality, and to choose a style for each individual lot that will demonstrate the greatest attributes of the fruit and the vintage.


Each wine, from variety to variety, field to field, and vintage to vintage, is unique. @hen they are treated as such, from vine to bottle, individuality arises.


Much of the mystique of wine comes from this vast variation in types and styles. This gives us humans an incredible opportunity to compare, contrast, discuss, and simply enjoy so many different kinds of wine. Eventually you realize that well-made wine is a living record, of the vigneron's decisions in the vineyard, the vintage that produced the grapes, and the creative process of the winemaker.



More than anything else, wine is made to be enjoyed and shared by people. This is facilitated by a knowledgeable pouring staff who can answer questions from guests in the tasting room. We want to help you find the wine that is just right.